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FAQ about the radiant floor heating system.


1. How does the heating cable system electric heating floor?
The principle of operation of the electrical system electric heating floor is based on maintaining the thermostat set temperature in the room. The source of heat in the system is laid on the floor heating cable that turns the floor into a large operating panel, evenly distributing heat.

2. How does the system electric heating floor?
The electrical system consists of a heating cable, electric thermostat, connect the cable to the mains in accordance with a prescribed program of work, thereby maintaining the desired temperature in the room, and installation guides. 3. Can the system as the only source of heating facilities (apartments, houses, cottages)?
Built-in electric heating system can serve as the main heating system of your home. Floor heating (rooms), maintaining the desired temperature and the creation of favorable conditions is its main task.

4. Can I use my electrical system electric heating floor in wet areas?
You can. This is determined by the presence of the cable shield (ground loop) and the tightness of the couplings. 5. What is the temperature may be on the floor or inside the heated room?
Comfortable on the floor surface temperature is the temperature in excess of room air temperature by 2-3 degrees.

6. Why is heat coming from the floor better than a traditional radiator from?
In the room with cable heating systems heat distribution is achieved regardless of the height, thus ensuring the greatest comfort in a heated room, there is no strong updrafts are constantly raising the dust, which greatly improves the hygienic characteristics of the premises, are completely absent maintenance costs of the heating system - the principle of " included-and-forget "full automation of temperature control in each room at any time, reliability of the heating system, the service life comparable to the lifetime of the building.

7. How to create and maintain a given temperature?
Cable heating system is controlled by specially designed for the purpose of electronic thermostats are equipped with different types of temperature sensors, which are supported by a given temperature. In the case of cable heating system is no temperature difference between the levels of the head and legs. The floor temperature is higher than the air temperature by 2-3 C, creating the best person for the thermal regime. 8. How much heating cable system power consumption?
For domestic premises in the presence of thermal comfort in heating energy consumption corresponds to 10-30% of rated power cable.

9. How effective underfloor heating cable system?
If the apartment floor heating installed capacity will be equal to 150-180 watts per 1 square meter of total floor space, the additional heaters in the winter do not need, even if the central heating pipes are bad warming.

10. What types of coatings can be used by the system electric heating floor?
You can use the cable heating system under the linoleum, laminate, floor ceramic coatings, provided that the coating thickness is less than 10 mm. You must know the characteristics of coatings, the permissible temperature and relative humidity in a room suitable for these coatings.

11. It allowed the use of cable systems without the thermostat?
In theory - yes. But in this case you will have to take over the thermostat and manually turn on and off the system electric heating floor to achieve the most comfortable temperature for you. Do not use the system without a thermostat as well, and in order to save electricity.

12. Can I use a thermostat to control two or more radiant floor heating systems like electric heating floor in different rooms?
It is not recommended, because loss of heat in different rooms is different, and the temperature sensor thermostat can only be in one of the premises. For example, a heating system installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Cables are connected in parallel to a single thermostat, the sensor is placed in the kitchen. The thermostat maintains the desired temperature with all the proceeds of heat from sunlight, appliances, hot water and heat generated by people. Temperature conditions favorable for the kitchen, in which case it may be just a cold bath, or vice versa.

13. What are the advantages of electric heating systems before the water floor heating?
Electronic thermostats are installed in rooms controlled heating cable according to a set temperature and air floor, automatically keeping it up to 0.4 C, programmable thermostats can maintain a preset temperature in your room, in accordance with the program for the week; the cost of cabling is much lower, its installation requires much less labor and time; there is no need to maintain the system throughout the entire life cycle, such as heating with radiators and pipes in the floor for the cottages will need to use antifreeze fluid, not water, except during the winter freeze of the system can occur (with prolonged absence of the owners) and the floor will be damaged the expansion of water; the need for under-floor apartment in the entire liner of hot water is associated with additional costs for construction and reducing the height of the premises by 7 cm, which increases the load on the floors. And in the case of electric sex in the 3-4 cm if the distance from the riser room with hot water costs for the installation of communications and additional pumps (pumps blood pressure) is significantly higher than during the installation of electric sex, which is enough for only 220 volts (no need to specifically strike the shield of electricity because the power system , on average, 120 watts / sq.

14. Is it possible to establish a system of electric heating floor on their own without the participation of experts?
You can. But be aware that installation of the system affects its performance, despite the apparent simplicity at this stage. Therefore it is necessary to entrust the job to professionals.

15. In what premises can install electric floor heating system?
Living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, utility rooms, conservatories, garages, terraces, attics.

16. What are the advantages to the processor temperature controllers (programmable) thermostats to no CPU (not programmable)?
Temperature controllers (thermostats) are designed to control the thermal processes of different areas. The main advantage of the programmable thermostat - it can set the temperature for a long period of time (week). The system will automatically lower the temperature by 5 C at night, or reduce it to a minimum during daytime hours on weekdays, when the masters at work, reaching the desired temperature directly to his arrival. This can significantly reduce power consumption.

17. What other cable heating systems, and where they are used?
System "with no roof icicles", of the "defrost stairs and steps', the system" to prevent freezing of pipes. "

18. Lifetime cable underfloor heating?
Lifetime cable underfloor heating is the same as the service building, located where the heated room. Indicative period of 70 years.





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