PEX Tubing installation



Installing PEX Tubing


Installing PEX Tubing is not a very difficult job to do but it is recommended to take help from a professional plumber for this task. Though should necessarily have the knowledge of how the installation is carried out so that one can supervise the installation of the PEX Tubing at their place. Having knowledge about the installation process helps a long way to design the plumbing system as per the requirement and the one's wish. One can also assist the plumber in installing the whole system. Following is the detailed procedure of how to install the PEX tubes.

The first and the foremost thing is to take the measurements. One should first measure the PEX tube and then cut the tube into equal length parts starting from the primary tube. One should be very careful to cut the PEX tubes with the cutter that is specifically made for this purpose. The tube that has to be cut should be held straight in the hands so that the cut made is smooth and clean. Any rough edges can be problematic later on. The next step is to interleave a crimp made of copper with the pipe. Once this is done the PEX tube can then be put through this fitting. The copper crimp should then be pushed upwards so that it reaches its correct position which is about 0.125" to 0.25" from the PEX Tubing.

The next thing to be done is to cover the copper crimp with a ring crimper that has to be placed right at ninety degrees over the copper crimp ring. Then the ring crimper should be closed. The one thing that needs to be taken great care of is that the cover should be at exact ninety degree angle as otherwise the crimp will give a very uneven cut and a non-uniform crimp. And this will ultimately not be able to cover all the ribs.

With this the basic installation gets over. After the installation comes the turn of testing phase. It is very important to test the whole system for problem areas. One should then take a Go-NoGo test. Before advancing in the installation process one must test the system with this test. This test helps to check the tolerance level of the system. It is a very simple test. One just needs to check if the Go-NoGo Gauge is slipping over the tube or not. If it slips then it means that the tube has not been cut appropriately.






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