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Replaceable Cartridge Taco 007 Pumps for small commercial and home applications


When it comes to circulation of water in the closed water loops taco pump is the name that comes to the mind in a flash. This taco pump has been serving the water systems from a long time with great efficiency. This pump not just provides great pumping work for the customer but also saves a lot of electric energy. The taco pump is easy to install in the water systems and requires very few connections as compared to other pumps available in the market.

The various advanced features of taco pump make it the first choice for the customers all over the world. Here are some important features of the pump:

    These taco pumps provide standard high performance output
  • They possess very compact design
  • Taco pump operates quietly without producing much noise
  • Taco pump is self lubricating
  • These pumps come without any mechanical seal
  • They require no maintenance - with an unmatched quality
  • Manufactured of stainless steel, cast iron and bronze
  • Can operate in closed as well as open water loop circuits
Taco Company is one of the leading USA manufacturers of water circulation pumps. These taco pumps come is a wide range of "00" series. The Taco 007, Taco 007-IFC and Taco 007 Circulator being the latest additions in this series have several useful features with unmatched reliability and efficiency. The pumps are made up of stainless steel and are therefore corrosion free. Taco 007 Circulator is very powerful circulation pump with head range varying from 0-34 feet. Each pump of the "007" series comes with different head ranges and flow parameters, which allows a customer to select the best taco pump that suits their requirements. More accurately the taco pump is selected, more efficiently will the water system operate.

The Taco 007 and Taco 007-IFC were designed in such a way that they are very efficient for domestic purposes, with quite low head range and medium flow constraints. The special IFC model of taco pump works very efficiently in radiant heating systems and other hydronic heating applications. The Taco 007 Circulator circulator pump works tremendously in combination with pressure bypasses and heating manifolds in the home applications. It is recommended to use taco switching transmits while zoning the circulators.

Taco is a well known name in the water circulating applications. These pumps are working very well in various heating applications in both closed and open loop water circuits.





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