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PEX plumbing and its advantages


Today everyone is running after PEX plumbing without actually understanding what PEX Tubing is. Most of us are not very clear about this. In the term PEX, X stands for cross linking and PE stands for polyethylene, therefore PEX plumbing is nothing much but plumbing pipes that have been made out of cross linked polyethylene molecules. Before the PEX was invented there were many other materials that were used as the base of the plumbing systems such as copper, brass, iron and other plastic materials such as PVC, PE, and many other. The PEX is slowly replacing all these materials and has almost captured all the market of plumbing goods. The only other material that can also be seen in used is the PVC that is used for making pipes. The PEX products are being used at all such places where no other material can be used; such are the qualities of this material.

There are many other reasons which help to justify the sudden widespread usage of the PEX Tubing. The following are the advantages of using PEX plumbing over any other type of piping system.

  • The first and foremost advantage is the basic building block of any plumbing system. It has the most essential feature which is having a material that can not be corroded. The PEX outshines all the other materials easily in this criterion. The PEX pipes do not corrode easily even when extensively used.
  • The PEX plumbing pipe outshines other pipes even at the manufacturing level. The PEX pipes are manufactured using the processes like extrusion. Such processes are very advantageous as they help reduce the shipping, storage and handling costs of the pipes. The PEX plumbing is a very cost effective option.
  • Another very crucial area is of health hazards. The PEX products are manufactured in such conditions which are completely free from any type of health hazards. Also at the installation site earlier the plumbers had to risk their health while performing soldering and forming fluxes. The case with the PEX materials is totally different.
  • The PEX material is also very flexible and this flexibility is beyond any comparison. The flexibility of the pipes has reduced the work of installation considerably as these pipes can easily run around or over any obstacles of the way.
  • Another very interesting fact is that these pipes are noise free. They have successfully achieved zero decibel noise level. One cannot hear even the noise of flowing water.





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