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Selecting the material for PEX pipe is not an easy job. There are many different grades for the material used for PEX pipe. One must access all the available materials properly before purchasing as a wrongly selected material will not solve the purpose of buying it. One has to be even more careful while making the selection when selecting material for PEX pipe for radiant heating purposes. One can easily do this by taking care of the below mentioned tips.

  • The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to see what is the material of the plastic being used to manufacture the PEX pipe. It is mandatory for the manufacturers to mention the material being used on the pipes. There are many different types of pipes in the market but generally the flexible pipes used for radiant heating, drinking water and hot water are made from raw materials.
  • The second tip tells us to closely scrutinize the brand of the raw material that has been used for manufacturing the pipe. The manufacturing company should be very well aware of the quality and standard of the raw material that they will be using. There are many different trade marks that classify PEX pipe and help the customers to judge the standards of the material being used.
  • The next thing to be kept in mind is that the PEX tubing should be properly marked. The markings should be present on all the tubing without a miss. These markings should have all the essential information like the name of the manufacturer, pipe size, pipe thickness, the maximum temperature at which the pipe can be operated, the maximum pressure limit, year of production and the stamp of the supervisory authority.
  • Another thing to be kept in mind is that the quality of the product should be as desired. The relation between the client and the manufacturer should be well maintained. The PEX pipe should also have all the due permissions to be used in the specific areas. The client should also have proof of all the due permissions. These permissions are extremely necessary in those cases where the pipes are to be used in plumbing supply systems and hot water.
  • Last but definitely not the least thing to be sure of is the health concern. The manufacturers should ensure that the pipes do not have any ill effect on the health of the people. The manufacturers must have a certificate stating that the pipes are not hazardous to health.





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