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Wish for lesser plumbing bills, choose PEX pipes


When it comes to choosing the right kind of pipes for the home water system, PEX is the obvious and the most appropriate choice. For those who have little idea about the material called PEX, it is nothing but polyethylene with cross links. The material can be drawn into pipes and can be used for any sort of water system both hot and cold. It is mostly used as domestic water supply lines or as pipes for hydronic heating systems. Sometimes these pipes are used to encase wires of high voltage too. It has replaced the use of PVC hard plastic and copper pipes. The advantage that the PEX pipes have over others has made it the favorite of both plumbers and public alike.

Some of the advantages of PEX pipes:

They can be rolled on spools to store so one can get long lengths of pipes without any kind of attachments. As the number of connections increase the chances to develop points of leakage is more. At one go, the fear of leakages can be removed. The direct result of it is low maintenance costs. It is a very light pipe and can be bent around the sides of a wall or over any other kind of obstacle without using connectors. It uses less of fittings so the cost of plumbing is less.

It is a corrosion resistant pipe and it does not obstruct the flow of liquid in it. PEX pipes are used to carry natural gas and oil transportation. At times it is also useful to carry sewage too.

It is the favorite choice for the hydronic heating systems. The material conserves energy and there is less loss of heat during transportation of hot water. It reduces the requirement of frequent water heating for the floor heating system therefore less of electricity bills. All these advantages have placed the PEX pipes as the first choice by many. It also eliminates the hammering sound of water in the pipes. It can withstand great temperature variations and it is non corrosive. So there is no fear of pin holes and cracks even when exposed to water which is acidic in nature.

Many commercial establishments have turned to the new material. It came into use in Europe initially around 1970 and travelled to America nearly a decade later and has taken over the country's plumbing completely.






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