Brazed heat exchangers



Brazed heat exchangers for plumbing and radiant heat


Brazed heat exchangers Series B - basic range

Virtually all of brazed heat exchangers are included in the standard series of series B, which is standard and represented a wide variety of plate sizes, input connections, combinations of the execution of the plates, etc.

The unique design of the plates firms SWEP provides a virtually unlimited number of combinations in the performance of the package of plates that will fit your desired heat transfer characteristics.

Areas of use:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Industrial applications
Brazed heat exchangers Series V - Evaporators

We offer high plate evaporators series V.

These vaporizers are based on a series of brazed heat exchangers, B. The main difference between the evaporators V series of heat exchangers Series B - is the availability of the special distribution of the Rings (V-ring). These rings allow the optimal way to distribute the refrigerant into each channel, which results in the fullest possible use of heat exchange surface.

A variety of models and options for connections can best integrate our proposed evaporators in the system being designed by the customer.

Our coolers are able to work effectively and with older types of refrigerants such as R22, and with new types of environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R407. For each type of refrigerant developed a special, optimized specifically for this type of refrigerant, the evaporator model.

Standard materials of plates for the Type V is a stainless steel (AISI 316).

Areas of use:

  • Refrigeration
  • Heat Pumps
  • Cooling System
  • Coolers salt solutions
Brazed heat exchangers Series D - three-loop performance

Brazed plate heat exchangers Series D - a patented three-loop design (DB, DV), which allows you to adjust the amount transferred from the secondary circuit of heat by turning off half the cooling capacity.

This design, unlike the conventional three-channel heat exchanger provides the primary contact channel with two secondary. As a result, if you disable one of the secondary channels each primary channel remains in contact with the secondary channel. This ensures a lower temperature runoff, even at partial load, which means that, in turn, complete heat transfer with the full or partial load.

Areas of use:

  • Flexible coolers
  • High-precision systems for indoor cooling
  • Powerful refrigeration
Brazed plate heat exchangers E-Series - for domestic boilers

E-Series models are the most efficient compact brazed heat exchangers available today. Nearly 100% of the plates involved in the process of heat transfer. These heat exchangers are specifically designed for low pressure boilers (water-water) and moderate temperatures.

These models are designed for both individual consumers and to large-scale production of gas boilers. Various types of connections, fittings and mounting screws allow for installation in any hydraulic block.

Areas of use:

  • Domestic boiler installation

Brazed plate heat exchangers Series AD - dehumidifiers

Brazed plate heat exchangers Brazetek 5" wide x 12" are specially designed for dehumidification systems. Our model of AD provide high-quality dry air with a dew point of about 0 C. Wide choice of heat exchanger meets the diverse requirements for power, air pressure, pressure drop, etc.

AD models have the unique geometry of the plates. They have different kinds of channels, including asymmetrical for optimal heat transfer at different flow rates. Scheme of solder heat exchanger series AD

Areas of use:

  • * Installation of drying compressed air

Brazed heat exchangers series ADWIS - dryers with built-in separator

Brazed plate heat exchangers series ADWIS - a compact dryers with built-in separator (Air Dryer With Integtrated Separator). These devices are commonly used to cool and remove moisture from the air compressed by the compressor. The use of such dryers to avoid condensation, which leads to rapid corrosion, the removal of which causes a significant reduction in operating costs of systems.

Design feature is that the built-in separator combined with a system of circulation, increasing the efficiency of the dryer by the use of a temperature difference that occurs between two sets of plates. Unusual compactness of the unit achieved through efficient design of the relief plates.

Dehumidifiers ADWIS at short-term overload of the system can operate at 30% above its rated capacity. Construction is designed so that the condensate does not remain in the heat exchanger, and discharged from the lowest point of the device. Scheme of the heat exchanger series ADWIS

Dehumidifiers ADWIS easy to install and connect to the system. The design is devoid of surface roughness and a large number of nozzles, making it easier to form a package of thermal insulation and can produce it in a unified form.





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