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Little Giant Sump Pumps: Designed With Unbeatable Features


Little Giant Sump Pumps are most commonly divided into two categories; Automatic Sump Pump and Manual Sump Pump. The automatic pump contains either an internal or external water level switch that makes the pump automatically turn on when the water volume is high or turn off automatically when the water volume reaches a certain level. Manual pump on the other hand has to be manually turned on and off.

Some of the important features of Little Giant which make these pumps the highest rated ones are as under:

Little Giant are submersible kind of pumps and come with various optional features like battery backup, float switch, bronze body, high water alarm, extended length of the cord and others. Some of the Little Giant Pumps can be used as waste water applications. Little Giant submersible pumps conform to the 6-CIA which is an automatic submersible pump and has an inbuilt diaphragm switch with 'on' point at 7-10 and 'off' point at 1-4. Little Giant Sump 6-CIA series pumps features polypropylene base, ceramic/carbon shaft seal, polycarbonate cover & thermal overload safety.

Little Giant 6-CIM-R Sump Pump is a manual Submersible pump. This little Giant Sump Pump features polypropylene base, thermal overload safety, 1/3 HP motor and is made for extended and continuous duty. Little Giant Sump Pump 8-CIA is an automatic submersible pump which features an inbuilt diaphragm switch, 4/10 HP motor, ceramic/ carbon shaft and it is also designed for extended and heavy duty usage.

The situation has changed significantly in recent years when, as has been said in the beginning, has increased the price of energy and was developed semiconductor technology. Appearance on the market thanks to the outstanding success of electronic equipment available and highly advanced technical means to control blood pressure - frequency converters, soft starters, control stations, automatic self-propelled guns, and others made it possible to move from an unregulated mass induction pump rotor to the regulated.

t is obvious that under this system with a cheap converter is too expensive and unsustainable in practical implementation. System which is regulated by the pump rotor speed by changing the frequency of its supply voltage is totally devoid of these shortcomings. In this system saves approximately twice as much energy as in systems with half saving at the pump energy is dissipated in the engine, reducing the unpredictable life of its bearings and other parts.

This method is attractive in that the thyristor voltage converter is very simple and cheap. However, there is a fundamental constraint on the use of parametric regulation in continuous operation - large energy loss in the engine. In order to still use this method, the enthusiasts are going to drive up the installed capacity of Taco pump rotor in 2-2,5 times, the use of specially worsened with increased rotor slip, forced ventilation of the engine from the fan-rider.

Little Giant submersible model 10-CIA is an automatic submersible pump with an inbuilt switch at 'on' level at 8-1'2 to 12 & 'off' points at 1-1'2 to 5. This pump provides effective and hassle- free service. It features ceramic/ carbon shaft seal, CSA/UL listed, HP motor and epoxy coated iron housing. Little Giant Sump Pumps TSW-SP are the submersible pumps which feature an inbuilt plug, high- water buzzer indicator light, horn, leg kit, mechanical seal, 1/3 HP motor and is CSA/UL listed. Little Giant Sump Pumps ES33D1- 10 series is a fully submersible, high -performance, energy efficient pump which is designed for professional plumbers. It features 1/3 HP motor with energy preserving capacity, epoxy coated iron housing, Ceramic/carbon shaft seal and manual operation is also available.

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