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PEX manifolds w/valves - open ends for floor heating system


Heat is a very valued commodity especially for people who live in cold countries. Various methods have been tried to heat up home. In by gone days fire wood was placed in the corners of the room to create warm. Later hot water was circulated through lead pipes which were coiled and placed in every room. They were an eye sore and had some other material related problems.

Floor heating is a new method of room heating. Pipe line are laid under the floor through heated water is circulated. A manifold is an important device in the radiant floor heating system. There are many kinds of manifolds and PEX manifold w/values - open ends is one of them. Basically manifold is a device which is used for equitable distribution of water through the floor. It is a copper pipe of one inch diameter with 3/4 " inlet and out let which can be connected to a PEX pipe of 3/4 " from both the ends. The PEX pipe are attached to the 3/4 "inlet and outlet using the crimp style. The copper pipe has 1/2 "outlets to the side. The PEX manifold w/ values -open ends has openings at both the ends. The manifold of this kind is used to continue the trunk line further.

The outlets are all equidistant with valves to control flow of water in them. Manifolds come with four, five or six outlets. The valves have a handle which has to be turned a quarter to let the flow or to stop it. The handle is attached to a ball like structure with a hole. Free flow of water is possible only when the hole is aligned with the sides of the pipe. As the handle is turned the path is blocked and the water flow is restricted.

The advantage of a PEX manifold w/ valve - open ends is that it is easy to continue the main line of the water. Every pipe can be independently closed or opened as per requirement. Areas where there is no requirement of hot water can be shut down so that there is no wastage of power to boil the extra bulk of water. Each pipe can be shut down for maintenance or replacement without disturbing the rest of them.

It is advisable to clamp the manifolds so that they do not move and get damaged. There are brackets to secure the manifolds.






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