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PEX tubing vs. Copper pipe


The PEX tubing is now preferred by most people, however the PEX tubing has a few disadvantages when comparing to the copper pipe.

Main problems which PEX tubing could cause are mainly linked to the life time period of the actual pipe. The PEX tubing can last for about 50 years, but only in some conditions. The pipe needs to have cold water running through it; it has to be set far from the hot water pipe so that water vapors will not condense on it, and it also has to be reinforced if it is a hot water pipe.

PEX piping tools are expansive, and these are needed every time the PEX plumbing pipe needs to be replaced. Due to the fact that replacements could be needed quite often, the tools have to be bought.

One of the major problems for a PEX plumbing pipe from the above counted is the water vapors condense. Most people use the PEX piping system indoors for the kitchen or for the bathroom. In this case, it is almost inevitable for the cold water pipe to be close to the hot water pipe. Due to this fact, water will be dripping on the floor not from a PEX plumbing pipe, but from the vapors that form between the two pipes.

Even so, the copper pipe cannot avoid this problem, and the water on it will be causing rust to appear on the pipe and can damage things around, such as the kitchen furniture.

When compared to the copper pipe, the PEX plumbing pipe needs less fittings and it is a lot easier to install. Another advantage that the PEX piping system holds over the copper pipe is the prices paid for installation and purchasing the material. The copper pipes are more expensive than the PEX tubing, and it takes a lot longer to build an iron plumbing system than a PEX piping system.

Some people may be after looks even when it comes to their piping systems. In this case, PEX is a much better option. The PEX tubing come in a large variety of colors, and on can choose red for hot water, blue for cold water, and green for gas pipes and so on. As far as customer preferences go, people tend to buy PEX tubing rather than copper pipes. If looks or prices are the reason, one can think twice when choosing this system in regard to all the disadvantages that PEX has.






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