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How to Use PEX Crimp Tools for Installation


The PEX crimp tools forms the basis of any plumbing activity done with PEX pipes. An effective plumbing structure is obtainable only if correct installing tools are used. So these gears form an imperative part of all kinds of plumbing applications done for residential and commercial places.

You can purchase such gears from any hardware store in local area. Make sure that only crimp tools are brought in as only then it is possible to procure a cost effective installation system. A correct, organized method is required for installing pipes and fixtures with PEX crimp tools. Only then you can achieve an effective plumbing structure which provides uninterrupted supply of water. In addition to these units, there are other things required such as PEX gauge and connector, cutting gear and connectors which are especially deigned only for PEX pipes.

Using the cutting tool, the PEX tubing is cut into desired length. The main thing to be remembered while cutting is to make the edges smooth and uniformed. Once the accurate length of piping is attained, it is then attached with PEX connector clamp ring. The tubing is pushed inside the ring in such a way that it is positioned in flush way along with the connected shoulder. Make sure that size of such rings is equal to the size of PEX tubing being used. Normally, " and 1/8" are the sizes used for residential plumbing activity.

After this, the PEX crimp tools are placed correctly over the clamp rings and are pushed closed to the handle installed. This technique is used for crimping the clamp ring in an appropriate manner and with correct amount of pressure. Lastly, the PEX gauge is grabbed over and placed over the clamp ring which has been crimped. This last step is the most crucial step to be performed as all plumbing steps are based on it. It is necessary that the rings are correctly gauged so as to avoid occurrence of leakages and damages in plumbing system.

Using PEX crimp tools is really important in plumbing activities as only then effective system can be made. They not only help in fitting the fixtures efficiently, but also ease out the installation work.





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