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Have you ever thought how would it feel to step on a nice warm floor after getting out of your warm blanket and cozy bed? Or how would it feel to walk on a warm bathroom floor? It would be nice, right? Having this heaven like feel is not a dream any more as we have many floor heating systems in the market, especially when some of them are really very cheap. One of such inexpensive floor heating systems in market is the ELECTRIC RADIANT FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM.

There are several floor heating systems in the market, some of which are appropriate for home usage and some of them are for industrial purposes. But the electric radiant floor heating system is really cheaper than any other floor heating system in the market and it is easier to install too. That why it has gained a huge popularity in a very short time.

Now let us have a look at the mechanism and working process of the electric radiant floor heating system.

The system uses an electric radiant heating mat and numbers of electric cables lying under the floor. The system gains heat through resistance and spreads out the heat to the different parts of the floor via the electric cables. The heat then passes to the other objects of the room and warms up the room temperature. Unlike a hydronic floor heating system the ERFHS does not require any heating supplies like tankless water heater or boiler. So it is very easy to install. But donít try to install the system one your own if you are not an expert in the job because it may lead to serious accident if there left any open space between the tiles hiding the electric radiant heating mat underneath them.

The best performance of an electric radiant floor heating system can be extracted when the system is placed under a concrete floor. Concrete floor is capable of holding the warmth for a long time because of its good conductivity of heat. So after running the system for a certain time you can turn off the power supply and save your electricity expanses. The warm concrete floor will continue to keep up the warm temp of your room for some time after turning off the power. But if you have wooden floor the scenario will be slightly different because wood canít keep up the hotness so the system needs constant supply of power. And that in turn increases the electricity bill.

You also need to note that ERFHS does not offer cooling. However, as it come in an unbelievably cheap price and is easy to install it is the best floor heating system and major components of such system: radiant heat insulation, kickspace heaters, pipe heating cables present in the market.





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